APAC Virtual Workshop

This recorded event will be available for a limited time.

Because the content in this workshop is updated annually, these recordings will be available for a limited time.

The goal is to better familiarize our users with key software functionality for HLA Fusion™ 4.6, SureTyper™ 6.1, and TypeStream™ Visual (TSV) NGS Analysis Software 3.0.

In addition, we will review challenging LABScreen™, MatchMaker™, LABType™, LinkSeq™, and AllType™ case studies. We will also conduct an in-depth review of LABScreen and HLA MatchMaker - eplet matching and eplet analysis, and discuss best practices for a virtual crossmatch.

Day 1 | LABScreen Assays and Virtual Crossmatch

Virtual Crossmatch: The Journey Continues

Instructor: Donna Phelan

Length: 36 minutes

LABScreen Basic Product Overview

Instructor: Jesse Gargarita

Length: 18 minutes

Overview of Key Software Features & Functions for LABScreen Analysis in HLA Fusion 4.6 Software

Instructor: James Jones

Length: 47 minutes

Case Study: How to Analyze LABScreen Single Antigen Data Analysis

Instructor: Carol Kneib

Length: 21 minutes

Case Study: Adding For a Better Antibody Assessment

Instructor: James Jones

Length: 15 minutes

Case Study: LABScreen Case Studies

Kidney Transplant Rejection from Non-HLA Antibodies

Instructor: Haik Muradyan

Length: 20 minutes

Day 2 | HLA MatchMaker Software

General Introduction – Antigens, Epitopes and MatchMaker

Instructor: David Calvanese

Length: 29 minutes

HLA MatchMaker Software in Fusion 4.6 Software

Instructor: James Jones

Length: 35 minutes

HLA MatchMaker Software in Fusion 4.6 Software

Case Study: Serum Background and Eplet Reactivity

Instructor: Thanawan Sadsomboon

Length: 21 minutes

Case Study: HLAMatchmaker: A tool for matching analysis

Instructor: David Calvanese

Length: 13 minutes

Case Study: Tracking Antigen and Eplets Using HLA MatchMaker 4.6 Software

Instructor: Carolina Kneib

Length: 25 minutes

What’s to Come in Fusion 5.0

Instructor: James Jones

Length: 8 minutes

Day 3 | LABType and LinkSeq Assays

LABType: Digging Deeper wtih a Classic Tool

Instructor: Linda Olsen

Length: 62 minutes

LABType Case #103

Your XR Kits Don’t Work!

Instructor: Haik Muradyan

Length: 26 minutes

LinkSēq & SureTyper Overview

Instructor: Joe Lim

Length: 23 minutes

Day 4 | AllType and AllType FASTplex Assays

NGS Product Line Overview: AllType vs FASTplex and Updates

Instructor: Maureen Montgomery

Length: 39 minutes

AllType and AllType FASTplex: Protocol Key Points

Instructor: David Calvanese

Length: 37 minutes

Importance of Good Concentration and Quality of DNA in you NGS Assay

Instructor: Jesse Gargarita

Length: 15 minutes

Case Study 2: Sequencing Metrics

Instructor: Maureen Montgomery 

Length: 24 minutes

Day 5 | TypeStream Visual 3.0 Software

New Features and Functions in TypeStream Visual 3.0

Instructor: Maureen Montgomery

Length: 62 minutes

Case Study: Discrepancy Between SSP, SBT, and NGS

Instructor: Jesse Gargarita

Length: 14 minutes

NGS Case Study: Determining 4th field resolution typing of DPB1 alleles in a customer sample

Instructor: Victoria Sahakian

Length: 18 minutes

AllType NGS Case Study – Confirming DQA1*04

Instructor: Arthela Osorio

Length: 16 minutes