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Pacific Hemostasis™ Coagulation Controls

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Diagnostic Testing

Provide accurate, reproducible confirmation of coagulation test system performance with Thermo Scientific™ Pacific Hemostasis™ Coagulation Controls. Controls can be run on most coagulation systems and are formulated to reflect expected patient results.
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Coagulation and Heparin control plasmas are prepared from fresh pools of human plasma.

Coagulation Control Plasmas:

  • Normal control (Level 1) produces normal PT and aPTT times
  • Abnormal controls monitor therapeutic (Level 2) and highly elevated (Level 3) PT/aPTT times

Heparin Control Plasmas:

  • Simulate low (Level 1) and elevated (Level 2) plasma levels of Heparin
  • Use to monitor and evaluate patients on Heparin therapy