Dynabeads™ M-280 Sheep Anti-Mouse IgG

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Dynabeads™ M-280 Sheep Anti-Mouse IgG are 2.8 µm superparamagnetic beads with affinity-purified polyclonal sheep anti-mouse IgG covalently bound to the bead surface. These beads are designed to serve as a solid support for simple and efficient binding of mouse IgGs and their target proteins. The uniform, monodisperse, and non-porous Dynabeads make them an ideal choice for applications such as binding Ig, protein purification, sandwich immunoassays, immunoprecipitation (IP), Co-IP, and isolation of cells and microorganisms. The polyclonal sheep antibody binds mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and, with a lower reactivity, mouse IgG3 and IgM. Human cross-reactivity is minimal.

• Isolate protein in less than 40 minutes
• Binds most mouse IgG subclasses
• Very low non-specific binding with high signal-to-noise ratio
• No columns, centrifugations, or time-consuming pre-clearing required
• High reproducibility and high throughput compatible with KingFisher™ instruments

Manual Dynabeads separation is fast and easy to perform
The primary antibody that recognizes the target molecule may be added to the sample (indirect technique) or pre-coated onto the Dynabeads M-280 Sheep Anti-Mouse IgG (direct technique). Regardless of which technique is used, when the Dynabeads M-280 Sheep Anti-Mouse IgG are mixed with the sample, the beads bind to the target. Placing the sample on a DynaMag™ magnet separates the bead-bound target from the rest of the sample. The supernatant is then removed by aspiration. The target molecule can be eluted off the beads with conventional elution methods and used in such applications as Western blot or mass spec analysis, or used in further downstream applications while still attached to the beads.

Automated Dynabeads separation helps increase throughput and reduces hands-on time
If you are working with several samples in parallel, the number of washing steps and the hands-on time increases proportionally with the number of samples. Pipetting and other manual handling tend to be less consistent than automation when working with many samples at a time. To better handle a medium- to high-throughput number of samples, reduce hands-on time, and secure high reproducibility, we have developed IP protocols for the KingFisher Flex and KingFisher Duo Prime instruments. The automated protocols replicate the manual protocols, obtaining equally high target protein yield and the same low non-specific binding and high reproducibility. It doesn’t matter if you are working with 10 or 96 samples, the IP protocol is less than 40 minutes regardless. Just load the reagents on the plates, push the “Start” button and by the time you have prepared for downstream analysis, the IP is done. Some optimization (e.g., incubation times) might be necessary depending on your antibody and the abundance and/or specificity of your target protein.

• Use the KingFisher Duo instrument for low to medium throughput (1-12 samples/run)
• Use the KingFisher Flex instrument for high throughput (12-96 samples/run)
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OEM purchase
To purchase Dynabeads Sheep Anti-Mouse IgG on an OEM basis, contact our Out-Licensing and OEM Sales department.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibody Fragment: Whole Antibody
Cell Type: All cells from all species, except mouse
Form: Beads in Suspension
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Host Species: Sheep
Label or Dye: Dynabeads™ M-280
Ligand Type: Antibody
Product Line: DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Reactivity: Mouse
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Target Species: All species, except mouse
Concentration: 10 mg⁄ml, 10 mg⁄ml
For Use With (Equipment): KingFisher™ Duo Prime, KingFisher™ Flex
Quantity: 10mL
Shelf Life: 36 months from date of manufacture

Contents & storage

Contains: 10 mL Dynabeads™ M-280 Sheep anti-Mouse IgG (10 mg beads/mL)
Storage: 2°C to 8°C