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Pierce™ Microplate BCA Protein Assay Kit - Reducing Agent Compatible

Catalog number: 23252
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Pierce™ Microplate BCA Protein Assay Kit - Reducing Agent Compatible

Catalog number: 23252
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275 mL
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This Pierce Microplate BCA Protein Assay Kit is the reducing agent-compatible version of our popular Pierce BCA Protein Assay. The kit enables you to measure protein concentration in samples that contain disulfide reducing agents and comes with twenty 96-well microplates.

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Features of the Microplate BCA Protein Assay Kit—Reducing Agent Compatible include:
Compatibility—assay samples that contain up to 5 mM DTT, 35 mM BME, or 10 mM TCEP
BCA technology—only a slight modification of the standard BCA Protein Assay protocol (15-min incubation with Compatibility Reagent); no precipitation steps required
Sample volume—requires only 25 μL (standard kit) or less than 10 μL (microplate kit) of sample
Colorimetric—measure with a standard spectrophotometer or plate reader (562 nm)
Uniformity—exhibits less protein-to-protein variation than dye-binding methods (Bradford)
Assay range—linear working range for BSA of 125 to 2000 μg/mL

The BCA Protein Assay Kit—Reducing Agent Compatible (BCA-RAC) provides all of the advantages of the original BCA assay, plus compatibility with disulfide reducing agents at concentrations routinely used in protein sample buffers. This special adaptation of the popular Pierce BCA Protein Assay method enables accurate protein concentration measurement for samples containing DTT, BME, or TCEP. This reducing agent-compatible BCA kit extends the already broad reagent compatibility of the BCA Protein Assay protocol to include nearly all types of components commonly present in protein research samples.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Pierce BCA Microplate Protein Assay Kit, Reducing Agent Compatible (RAC)
BCA Assay
Detection Method
Product Line
Product Type
Protein Quantitation Assay
Not Target-Specific
Sufficient For
980 Microplate Assays
For Use With (Application)
Solution-based Detection, Absorbance
For Use With (Equipment)
Spectrophotometer, Microplate Reader
275 mL

Contents & Storage

Sufficient For: 980 microplate assays with 9 μL samples
• BCA Reagent A, 250 mL
• BCA Reagent B, 25 mL
• Compatibility Reagent, 48 x 10 mg
• Reconstitution Buffer, 15 mL
• Albumin Standard Ampules, 2mg/mL, 10 x 1 mL
• 96-Well Microplates, 20 plates

Store at room temperature


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