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PageBlue™ Protein Staining Solution

Catalog number:  24620

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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PageBlue Protein Staining Solution is a sensitive, economical formulation of colloidal coomassie G-250 dye for endpoint staining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels and on PVDF membranes without methanol or acetic acid.

Easy-to-use—simply soak the gel in the ready-to-use solution and observe stained bands without destaining
Staining time—25 to 40 minute protocol
Safe—does not contain methanol or acetic acid
Dynamic range—linear dynamic range of 5 to 500 ng
Economical—can be reused up to three times

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The simple PageBlue Protein Staining Solution protocol is sensitive, efficient, and eliminates the concern of over-staining gels, even after overnight staining. This protein stain delivers a dynamic range of 5 to 500 ng, which is approximately ten times more sensitive than traditional coomassie R-250-based dyes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Location: In-Blot Detection, In-Gel Detection
Detection Method: Colorimetric
Label or Dye: Coomassie
Product Line: PageBlue™
Target Molecule: Protein

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store product at room temperature. Product shipped at ambient temperature