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NeutrAvidin Protein, AP

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Thermo Scientific™ alkaline phosphatase-conjugated NeutrAvidin Protein is a specially-prepared form of avidin that decreases background in biotin-binding.

Features include:
Near-neutral isoelectric point—pI = 6.3, more neutral than native avidin
Nearly devoid of glycosylation—decreased possibility of lectin binding compared to native avidin
No RYD recognition sequence—no known off-target binding domains like streptavidin
Affordable—significantly less expensive than streptavidin

NeutrAvidin Protein is deglycosylated native avidin from egg whites. Removal of the excess carbohydrate by an exclusive process yields a protein with a more neutral isoelectric point and less nonspecific binding properties. Conjugated NeutrAvidin Protein provides exceptional performance in western blot, ELISA, and IHC applications that require biotin-binding probes. Assay specificity, sensitivity, and signal-to-noise ratios with NeutrAvidin Protein are generally equivalent or better than with the significantly more expensive streptavidin.

Avidin is a glycoprotein found in the egg white and tissues of birds, reptiles, and amphibia. The biotin-binding protein contains four identical subunits having a combined mass of 67,000-68,000 daltons. Removing the glycosylation from avidin yields NeutrAvidin Protein with a mass of 60,000 daltons. Carbohydrate-based lectin binding is reduced to undetectable levels, yet biotin-binding affinity is retained. NeutrAvidin Protein offers the advantages of a neutral pI to minimize nonspecific adsorption, along with lysine residues that remain available for derivatization or other customized conjugation. NeutrAvidin Protein yields the lowest nonspecific binding among the known biotin-binding proteins. The specific activity for biotin binding is approximately 14 µg/mg of protein, which is near the theoretical maximum activity.

In situ hybridization—NeutrAvidin-AP Conjugate is currently being used by the Allen Institute for Brain Science to create the Allen Brain Atlas.
Western blotting—use NeutrAvidin Protein conjugates (HRP or AP) instead of streptavidin conjugates for detection of biotinylated target proteins or biotinylated primary or secondary antibodies in western blots.
ELISA—NeutrAvidin Protein conjugates (HRP or AP) replace corresponding streptavidin conjugates for direct or indirect sandwich ELISA detection schemes involving biotin-labeled proteins and antibodies. Depending on the specific assay components (e.g., blocking buffers, etc.), NeutrAvidin Protein conjugates provide similar or better assay performance measured as signal-to-noise ratio.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: AP (Alkaline Phosphatase)
Target Molecule: Biotin

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store product 4°C. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.