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Axiom™ Caprine Genotyping v2 Array, mini-96 format

Catalog number: 551344
Applied Biosystems™

Axiom™ Caprine Genotyping v2 Array, mini-96 format

Catalog number: 551344
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The Axiom Caprine Genotyping v2 Array is a component of our Axiom Agrigenomics Genotyping solution where target genomic DNA is prepared and processed on the GeneTitan Multi-Channel instrument. The automated process includes hybridization of gDNA to this high-throughput microarray followed by staining, washing, imaging, and output of genotyping data for further analysis.

The Axiom Caprine Genotyping v2 Array was designed in collaboration with the International Goat Genome Consortium and the VarGoats Consortium. It includes single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from the Illumina Goat_IGGC_65K_v2 and IMAGE 10K goat chip [more info (PDF)]. This array also includes insertions, deletions, and duplications targeted by 1 to 50 probes along with 59,795 SNPs and 265 structural variants.

This array is also available in 384HT format.

Features of the Axiom Caprine Genotyping v2 Array include:
• An updated design that includes the original goat SNP panel, allowing compatibility with previous studies
• An innovative design that is the first attempt to target structural variants (this array includes 265 structural variants)

Array content
• Contains 59,795 SNPs selected for high-throughput production arrays based on genome coverage and best compromise to include the largest number of informative SNPs for goat species
• The following SNPs were included in the design of this array: SNPs with different MAF profiles, SNPs chosen in breeds not represented in the discovery dataset, SNPs that are able to join current GBS data and fill the remaining gaps including mitochondrial markers, SNPs in specific regions, Y markers, and structural variants

• Genome-wide association studies
• Molecular breeding: association mapping and genomic selection
• Creation of custom array by selecting SNPs from this array (every SNP chosen has been demonstrated to perform well)

Required products
GeneChip Command Console Software
GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument
Axiom Analysis Suite Software
Axiom Long Format Export Tool (AxLE)


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96 arrays
Mini 96-array Plate
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Axiom Reagents
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Room temperature


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