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Pierce™ c-Myc-Tag Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit

Catalog number:  88844

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The Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic c-Myc-Tag IP/Co-IP Kit contains specific immunoaffinity magnetic beads and reagents to perform immunoprecipitation assays of c-Myc fusion proteins or co-IP experiments using c-Myc-tagged bait proteins.

Unlike traditional IP procedures based on capture with Protein A/G beads, this kit uses magnetic beads containing pre-immobilized anti-c-Myc antibody. These Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads ensure specific binding of c-Myc tagged protein complexes from biological samples. Because the antibody is covalently attached to the beads, IP-targets are easily eluted and recovered without antibody contamination. The complete IP kit includes the magnetic beads, lysis/wash buffer, low-pH elution buffer, neutralization buffer, c-Myc-tag positive control lysate, and non-reducing sample buffer for SDS-PAGE. Protocols are provided for both manual and automated magnetic separation workflows. Sufficient components are provided to perform 40 IP or co-IP assays.

Features of the c-Myc-Tag Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit:

Specific magnetic beads—covalently immobilized high-quality anti-c-Myc monoclonal antibody enables high yields of immunoprecipitation products
Low non-specific binding—stable, pre-blocked beads and specific antibody minimize off-target binding
Trouble-free elution—low-pH elution buffer ensures recovery of c-Myc-tagged protein interaction complexes without antibody leaching contamination
Convenient and fast—complete kit and easy-to-follow instructions provide optimized protocols to perform IP or Co-IP experiment in approximately 1 hour
Versatile—magnetic beads are compatible with manual and automated magnetic separation workflows (e.g., Thermo Scientific KingFisher Instruments)

The c-Myc peptide (EQKLISEEDL) derived from the C-terminus region of human c-Myc protein is one of several fusion protein tags used for recombinant protein expression. The Pierce c-Myc Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit uses a specific, high-affinity immobilized antibody (clone 9E10) for rapid immunoprecipitation of c-Myc tagged fusion proteins from bacterial and mammalian cell lysates, as well as from lysates prepared with the Pierce Human in vitro Translation Kits. The beads are incubated with a cell lysate containing c-Myc tagged protein, the fusion protein is captured, and the beads are subsequently washed and then eluted using low-pH elution buffer or non-reducing sample buffer. The protocol and buffers have been optimized for both IP and co-IP reactions, enriching for specific protein interaction complexes in the eluted samples. Anti-c-Myc antibody can be used to detect c-Myc tagged protein by Western blot analysis.

For information about the binding capacity and other properties of the magnetic beads used in this kit, see Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads (Part No. 88842).

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Pierce™ c-Myc-Tag IP/Co-IP Kit
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay: Affinity Purification
For Use With (Equipment): KingFisher™ Flex Magnetic Particle Processor, Magnetic Stand
Technique: Pull-Down (Tag-Based), Immunoprecipitation (IP)
Target Specificity: Target-Specific
Product Line: Pierce™

Contents & storage

Sufficient For: 40 IP reactions using 25 µL of anti-c-Myc magnetic beads
• c-Myc-tagged Positive Control (Part No. 23633), 500 µL
• Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads, 1 mL
• Mag c-Myc IP/Co-IP Buffer-1, 50 mL
• Mag c-Myc IP/Co-IP Buffer-2 (20X), 20 mL
• Non-Reducing Sample Buffer (5X), 5 mL
• Elution Buffer (pH 2.0), 5 mL

Store at 4°C.