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CytoScan™ HD Training Kit

Catalog number: 901834
Applied Biosystems™

CytoScan™ HD Training Kit

Catalog number: 901834
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The CytoScan™ HD Training Kit contains arrays and reagents for 24 reactions plus training materials for the complete CytoScan HD Cytogenetics Solution.

Customer training is required for the CytoScan HD Cytogenetics Solution. Different training programs are available based upon your experience level. Please contact your local distributor for details.

CytoScan HD Cytogenetics Solution
The complete CytoScan HD Cytogenetics Solution includes CytoScan HD Array, CytoScan Reagent Kit, easy-to-use Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software, and the proven GeneChip Instrument System.

Highest genomic coverage: relevant today and in the future
CytoScan HD Solution provides the broadest coverage and highest performance for detecting human chromosomal aberrations. CytoScan HD Array has greater than 99% sensitivity and can reliably detect 25-50 kb copy number changes across the genome at high specificity with SNP (allelic) call corroboration. With more than 2.6 million copy number markers, CytoScan Array has been recognized for its industry-leading coverage of all OMIM™ and RefSeq genes. On a single platform, CytoScan HD Solution offers high-density resolution of the entire genome, extending throughout promoter and miRNA regions, for relevant aberration detection and reporting. Surpassing the limitations of current database curations, the whole-genome array ensures that novel findings can be catalogued for future discoveries and annotations which are often missed by targeted designs.

High-density SNPs: gene-level heterozygosity determination
CytoScan HD Array includes 750,000 SNPs with over 99% accuracy to detect accurate breakpoint estimation, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) determination, regions identical-by-descent, maternal contamination, and low-level mosaicism. The allelic information provides a powerful visualization of added confidence behind CNV calls as well as information on sample heterogeneity, clonal diversity, and uniparental disomy (UPD).

Support the broadest range of sample types – including FFPE!
CytoScan HD Array supports several different sample types for cancer and constitutional cytogenetic research analysis, including blood, bone marrow, buccal, saliva, fresh and frozen tissues, direct/cultured cells, amniocytes, and FFPE samples.

Optimized reagent kit – streamLined workflow
CytoScan HD Solution has been optimized to save laboratory time, money and resources. The simplified and streamLined assay protocol is aligned with laboratory workflow requirements, making it easier to obtain consistency, high-quality results, and reduce operator error. The reagent kit includes all reagents required for the array, including magnetic beads, except ethanol and a DNA Amplification Kit (Please contact Technical Support for a recommendation on our DNA Amplification Kits). Each component passes strict quality control inspection by us to ensure the highest reproducibility and performance with CytoScan HD Arrays. The CytoScan protocol can be accomplished in 2.5 days with just 7 hours of hands-on time.

Affymetrix NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument – automate your workflow
NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument offers your lab the premier in compact liquid-handling instrumentation. The sleek NIMBUS workstation is optimized to automate the post-PCR portion of the CytoScan assay, including the DNA purification and pooling stages. CytoScan Automated Target Preparation Solution is ideal for labs looking to handle 24 or 48 samples with ease and increase sample throughput.

Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software: designed by cytogeneticists for cytogeneticists
The popular ChAS Software is tailored to cytogenetic research analysis and reporting. The software is available free of charge as part of the complete CytoScan HD Solution.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


HD Training Kit
Cytogenetics, Copy Number
Number of Arrays
24 arrays
Genechip Probe Array
Number of Markers
2.4 million markers


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