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GeneChip™ WT PLUS Reagent Kit

Catalog number:  902281

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Microarray Analysis

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Gene transcripts profiling using GeneChip WT arrays is a well-proven technique for expression research and biomarker discovery. GeneChip WT PLUS Reagent Kit (WT PLUS Kit), with its high sensitivity and specificity, offers a robust WT assay to unravel the transcription signatures in your samples at both gene and exon levels.

WT PLUS Kit uses a reverse transcription priming method that primes the entire length of each RNA transcript, including both poly-A and non-poly-A mRNA to provide complete and unbiased coverage of the transcriptome. The kit efficiently generates amplified and biotinylated sense-stranded DNA targets, avoiding loss of specificity due to antisense strand interference.

The kit includes the amplification module coupled with the GeneChip WT Terminal Labeling and Controls Kit for preparing hybridization-ready targets from 50 ng to 500 ng of total RNA.

Features and benefits:
• A complete target prep kit with proven sensitivity and specificity resulting from an optimized design for WT arrays
• A low sample input requirement of 50 ng. The kit works with a variety of sample types, including fresh-frozen tissues, cell lines, and whole blood
• StreamLined workflow with no ribosomal RNA depletion requirement or a globin reduction step for blood samples
• Opportunities to bundle WT arrays with WT reagents, offering exceptional cost savings
• Convenient single source for ordering and support

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Reagent Type: Sample preparation reagents