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HT WT PLUS Consumables for Biomek™ FXP Target Prep Express

Catalog number:  902508

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The HT WT PLUS Consumables for Biomek™ FXP Target Prep Express is designed for automation of the target preparation process for expression analysis on Applied Biosystems whole-transcriptome (WT) arrays. Designed with reagent chemistries identical to Applied Biosystems GeneChip WT PLUS Reagent Kit, this high-throughput (HT) solution allows the user to generate hybridization-ready targets from input RNA with minimal hands-on time. Used in combination with the Beckman Coulter™ Biomek™ FXP Target Prep Express (TPE) System, HT WT PLUS Kit is capable of processing up to 4x24 or 4x96 reactions in a single run.

Features and benefits
• A complete target prep kit with proven sensitivity and specificity due to an optimized chemistry for Applied Biosystems WT arrays
• Automated protocol that enables the processing of up to 96 samples with minimal hands-on time
• Ability to run a variety of sample types, including clinically relevant samples such as whole blood, to enable robust biomarker identification
• Low sample input requirement (50 ng), allowing you to save your precious samples for further downstream studies
• No requirement for ribosomal RNA depletion or a globin reduction step for blood samples

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Biomek FXP Target Prep Express
Product Size: 1 kit
Type: Instrument Labware