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Expi293™ Expression Medium

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Gibco Expi293 Expression Medium is a chemically defined, serum-free, protein-free medium for growth and transfection of suspension-adapted human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells. It is specifically designed as a core component to support high density culture of Expi293F cells in the Expi293 Expression System for scalable transient protein expression.

• Supports growth of suspension 293 cultures to densities of over 1.5 x 10^7 cells/mL
• Transfection compatible serum-free suspension culture medium enables transfection efficiencies of greater than 70% using ExpiFectamine transfection reagent
• Enables sustained, high level expression of high density transiently transfected cultures, achieving yields of up to 1 gram per liter of recombinant protein
• Supports growth and transfection of 293 cells in culture formats of less than 1 mL in multiwell plates to greater than 10L in disposable bioreactors
• Does not contain phenol red

Expi293 Expression Medium is formulated with GlutaMAX-I reagent. It is ready to use, with no supplementation required. The chemically defined formulation results in high reproducibility and lot-to-lot reliability. Expi293 Expression Medium contains no human or animal-origin components. The medium is not recommended for adherent cell cultures.

Product use
Customers using Expi293 Expression Medium in a manufacturing process, who have a submission with the FDA, may request a letter of authorization from us to reference our Type II Drug Master File (DMF).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: 293E (HEK), 293 (HEK), Expi293F™, FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells, 293F
Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
Culture Environment: CO2
Endotoxin Level: < 1 EU/ml
Format: Bottle(s)
Glucose: High Glucose
Included Antibiotics: No antibiotics
Inorganic Salts: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium Phosphate
Osmolality: 275-295 mOsm/kg
Product Line: Expi293™
Purity or Quality Grade: Cell Culture Grade
Serum Level: Serum-Free
Sodium Bicarbonate Buffer: Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Pyruvate Additive: Sodium Pyruvate
Supplements: No Hypoxanthine, No Thymidine, Insulin-Free, No Vitamin A, No 2-Mercaptoethanol, Dextrose, Pyridoxine HCl
Cell Type: Kidney (Embryonic)
Culture Type: Suspension Cell Culture
Form: Liquid
Glutamine: GlutaMAX™-I
Phenol Red Indicator: No Phenol Red
Concentration: 1 X
Sterility: Sterile

Contents & storage

Store in the dark at +2°C to +8°C