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Pierce™ Intact Protein Standard Mix

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Protein Mass Spectrometry Analysis

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The Thermo Scientific Pierce Intact Protein Standard Mix is a high quality mixture of recombinant proteins for use as a quality control standard for LC and LC/MS, LC/MS method development, and intact protein mass measurements.

Verified protein sequences—protein sequences confirmed by MS with the average and monoisotopic masses corresponding to each provided sequence
Recombinant—proteins expressed in E. coli and B. subtilis; no bovine sources
Compatible—protein mixture designed for QC over a wide range of molecular weights (10-70 kDa) and m/z distribution (600-1500 m/z)
Flexible—for use in LC, LC-MS, and direct infusion methods
Stable—provided in a stable lyophilized format

The Pierce Intact Protein Standard Mix contains a mixture of six highly pure recombinant proteins, including human IGF-1 LR3, human thioredoxin, Streptococcus dysgalactiae Protein G, Bovine Carbonic Anhydrase II, Streptococcus Protein AG (chimeric), and Escherichia coli Exo Klenow, expressed in bacteria. These proteins were selected based on their wide range of molecular weights, m/z distribution, and MS fragmentation patterns. After expression and purification, proteins are optimally mixed and lyophilized for stability and convenience. Each vial contains 76 µg of lyophilized protein mixture and does not contain salts or detergents.

• Qualitative LC
• LC/MS standardization and method development
• LC/MS intact protein mass measurement and top-down method development
• Digestion protocol optimization

Protein sequences for Pierce Intact Protein Mix components (FASTA format) ›

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Pierce™
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Quantity: 1 x 76μg

Contents & storage

1 vial, store at -5 to -30°C