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VeriFiler™ Plus PCR Amplification Kit

Catalog number:  A35495

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The Applied Biosystems VeriFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit is a 6-dye, 25-locus STR kit that amplifies all of the loci present in the Chinese National autosomal DNA database, as well as all required CODIS markers. The VeriFiler Plus kit was specifically developed to maximize sensitivity to enable maximum information recovery from challenging casework samples including touch, degraded, and inhibited samples. The VeriFiler Plus kit includes all of the same markers as the VeriFiler Express and Huaxia Platinum kits, including the highly discriminatory Penta D and Penta E loci. The VeriFiler Plus kit is part of a fully integrated and validated forensic DNA workflow backed by best-in-class global training, service, and support. As with all Applied Biosystems STR kits, the VeriFiler Plus kit is ISO18385 Forensic DNA Grade, giving you piece of mind when using this kit for your casework samples.

Key features of the VeriFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit include:
• Amplification of all Chinese National database loci and CODIS-required markers
• Concordance with Huaxia Platinum and VeriFiler Express kits; the VeriFiler Plus kit contains the same loci as these databasing kits
• High sensitivity enabled by a high-volume sample load (up to 17.5 µL)
• 11 mini-STRs maximize information recovery from degraded DNA samples
• Internal Quality Control (IQC) system enables detection of and discrimination between amplification inhibition and DNA sample degradation, providing actionable information regarding further sample processing or testing
• Very high discrimination power provided by the 25 loci
• Gender confirmation through two Y-chromosome markers
• Efficient workflow with 76-minute PCR cycle time

Casework kit with loci matching DNA profiles in databases
The VeriFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit was developed to offer the highest level of compatibility between DNA databases and the casework samples genotyped with this kit. Specifically, the VeriFiler Plus kit amplifies all of the loci that are included in the DNA profiles used to build important national and local databases, including the 20 core loci proposed by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. All required CODIS markers and the highly discriminatory Penta D and Penta E markers are included as well. With 25 markers, the VeriFiler Plus kit offers extremely high discrimination power, enabling matching of casework samples with database profiles with the highest level of confidence.

Exceptional sensitivity enables recovery of more alleles
Developed specifically for casework applications, the VeriFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit provides DNA analysts with the capability to recover more information from casework samples. The higher sample load volume (up to 17.5 µL) and the inclusion of 11 mini-STRs, as defined by amplicons less than 250 base pairs, provide the highest chance of allele detection. As crime laboratories move toward using DNA forensics in volume crimes, detection of profiles or even partial profiles from samples with a low amount of DNA becomes increasingly important. With an optimized buffer system that delivers greater sensitivity for enhanced performance with inhibited and low-concentration DNA samples, the VeriFiler Plus kit delivers the capability to provide maximum possible information even from the most challenging samples.

IQC system for more informative results and better decision guidance
The VeriFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit includes an IQC system that consists of two exogenous, synthetic DNA sequences with primers specific for each IQC target that help distinguish DNA sample degradation from amplification reaction inhibition. In addition, the IQC system serves as a positive control for PCR amplification. The IQC system results, together with an assessment of a DNA profile’s electropherogram, provide DNA analysts with confirmation of inhibition or inferred degradation by virtue of a lack of inhibition, providing data needed to make decisions on additional steps that can be taken to extract more information from a sample.

Experience matters
Thermo Fisher Scientific is the only company in the world that designs and validates its reagents, instruments, and data analysis software together as an integrated system for DNA testing. Technical service scientists and field application specialists are available to answer your technical questions, review data, and make recommendations on how to perform assays and troubleshoot results. All of these resources help ensure success when using Applied Biosystems human identification solutions in your laboratory.

We also offer a range of Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) to assist with bringing new kits and workflows online. Since 2007, the HPS team has completed over 400 successful validation projects worldwide with a staff of more than 20 technical support specialists, each averaging eight years of real-world forensic experience, providing customers with in-depth training and support on our instruments, chemistries, and software.
For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: VIC
Product Line: VeriFiler
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Loci: AMEL, IQCL, IQCS, Penta D, Penta E, Yindel, D18S51, D5S818, D16S539, D3S1358, D2S1338, TPOX, FGA, D1S1656, D10S1248, D7S820, D13S317, CSF1PO, D22S1045, D6S1043, TH01, D2S441, D8S1179, vWA, D19S433, D12S391, D21S11

Contents & storage

• VeriFiler Plus Master Mix (2 tubes)
• VeriFiler Plus Primer Set (2 tubes)

Storage: –15 to –25°C until first use, 2– 8°C thereafter