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Pierce™ Trypsin/Lys-C Protease Mix, MS-Grade

Catalog number:  A40007

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Protein Mass Spectrometry Analysis

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Trypsin/Lys-C Protease Mix, MS-Grade, is a mass spectrometry (MS)-grade serine endoproteinase mixture of trypsin and LysC that can be used for concurrent digestion of proteins for more efficient digestion than with trypsin alone.

Features of Pierce Trypsin/Lys-C Protease Mix, MS-Grade, include:
Enhanced digestion—enzyme combination reduces tryptic missed cleavages
Convenient—trypsin and LysC proteases provided at an optimized ratio for digestion in a combined-use format
Exceptional selectivity—trypsin has >95% C-terminal lysine and arginine specificity; LysC has >90% C-terminal lysine cleavage specificity
Stable—enzyme mixture provided in a lyophilized format

Protein characterization, identification, and quantification by MS begins with efficient, reproducible protein digestion. Although trypsin is routinely used for protein digestion, this protease alone is not sufficient to fully digest proteins at the carboxyl-end of lysine and arginine residues. Therefore, Lys-C protease is commonly combined with trypsin to sequentially digest proteins with fewer missed cleavages. Pierce Trypsin/Lys-C Protease Mix is a lyophilized mixture of trypsin and LysC proteases that has been optimized to improve digestion efficiency of proteins. It is provided in flexible formats of 20 µg, 5 x 20 µg, or 100 µg, and is also included in the EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit.

The MS-grade trypsin protease in this mix is derived from porcine pancreatic extracts and has been TPCK-treated to eliminate chymotryptic activity and methylated to improve stability during digestion. The MS-grade Lys-C protease is a highly purified native enzyme from <Lysobacter enzymogenes. Unlike trypsin, Lys-C can cleave lysines followed by prolines, making it ideal for use in combination with other proteases for optimal protein digestion. When used as a mixture, digestion can be completed in as little as 1.5–3 hours or up to overnight, depending on enzyme to protein ratio. This lyophilized enzyme mixture is stable for one year when stored at -20°C.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Pierce™
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Workflow Step: Protein Digestion
Detection Method: Mass Spectrometry
Final Product Type: Peptide
For Use With (Equipment): Mass Spectrometer
Starting Material: Protein samples
Quantity: 20 μg