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EasyPep™ Mini MS Sample Prep Kit

Catalog number:  A40006

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The Thermo Scientific EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit provides pre-formulated reagents and a robust method for the preparation of high-quality samples for mass spectroscopy (MS) analysis in less than three hours.

Features of the EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit include:
Complete—includes pre-formulated reagents for lysis through digestion, peptide clean-up columns, and an optimized protocol for up to 20 samples
Optimized—streamlined protocol and reagents minimize the number of steps and time time needed to process samples
Flexible—reagents and protocol have been verified using cells, plasma, and tissue samples for 10 to 100 µg samples
Time-saving—sample processing time reduced from more than one day to less than three hours
Compatible—final preparation is ready for direct MS analysis and other downstream applications, including TMT labeling

The EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit enables efficient and reproducible processing of cultured mammalian cells and tissues for proteomic MS analysis. The kit contains pre-formulated buffers, MS-grade enzyme mix, peptide clean-up columns, and an optimized protocol to generate MS-compatible peptide samples in less than three hours. The kit is optimized to process protein samples from 10–100 µg with a high yield of MS-ready peptides.

The sample preparation of peptides for MS analysis is complex, with numerous steps and varied protocols, resulting in sample variability in both quality and quantity. This kit has been designed to improve reproducibility while saving hands-on and processing time. The number of steps and processing time have been reduced through the addition of Universal Nuclease to reduce viscosity from nucleic acids (replacing sonication), a rapid 'one pot' reduction/alkylation solution for cysteine modification (carbamidomethylation, + 57.02), and a trypsin/Lys-C protease mix for more complete digestion. In addition, the kit includes Peptide Clean-up columns and buffers to prepare detergent-free peptide samples for MS analysis. The optimized reagents and protocol produce high-quality peptides that are compatible with TMT labeling and other downstream applications, or are ready for MS analysis.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Thermo Scientific™
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Workflow Step: Cell Lysis
Detection Method: Mass Spectrometry
Final Product Type: Peptide
For Use With (Equipment): Mass Spectrometer
Starting Material: Protein samples