CTS™ Opti-MEM™ I Medium

Catalog number:  A4124801

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Gibco CTS Opti-MEM I Medium is an improved minimal essential medium (MEM) that is recommended for use with the CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit as a complexation buffer. This medium contains insulin, transferrin, hypoxanthine, thymidine, and trace elements. CTS Opti-MEM I uses a sodium bicarbonate buffer system (2.4 g/L), and therefore requires a 5–10% CO2 environment to maintain physiological pH. The formulation of CTS Opti-MEM I is identical to research-grade Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Medium.

CTS Opti-MEM I is xeno-free and contains human transferrin.

CTS Opti-MEM I is manufactured in conformity with cGMP for medical devices, 21 CFR, Part 820, and certified to the ISO 13485. Drug Master File and Regulatory Support File available upon request.

Custom configuration and packaging available upon request.

For Research Use or Manufacturing of Cell, Gene, or Tissue-Based Products. CAUTION: Not intended for direct administration into humans or animals.


Quantity: 100 mL
Packaging: Ships at ambient temperature
Product Type: Minimal Essential Medium
Storage Requirements: Store at 2 to 8°C and protect from light

Contents & storage

Store at 2–8°C and protect from light. Ships at ambient temperature.