Thermo Scientific™

Orbitrap™ Exploris™ GC 240 Mass Spectrometer

Simplify the most complex analytical challenges and achieve excellent data quality with the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Exploris™ GC 240 mass spectrometer. By delivering uncompromising qualitative and quantitative information, this high-resolution accurate-mass GC-MS system addresses the evolving requirements of research laboratories for compound identification and quantitation. From discovery profiling, metabolomics and applied quantification, scientists gain unparalleled access to information-rich data and results.
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Experience breakthrough performance in high resolution GC-MS analysis to gain the deepest insights into your sample.

The Orbitrap Exploris GC 240 mass spectrometer:

  • Enables you to get the right answer first time
  • Offers the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing needs with its superior mass accuracy, dynamic range and robustness
  • Includes intelligent instrument setup and an intuitive user experience to make it fully accessible for users of all skill levels
  • Offers unprecedented 240,000 resolution (at m/z 200) to deliver sub-1-ppm mass accuracy and sensitivity down to part-per-trillion concentrations
  • Maintains system sensitivity at all mass resolution levels, so there is no need to compromise between resolution and sensitivity
  • Features repeatable performance injection after injection to enable discoveries to be made across high sample studies