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S1 Nuclease (100 U/µL)

Catalog number:  EN0321

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Thermo Scientific S1 Nuclease degrades single-stranded nucleic acids, releasing 5'-phosphoryl mono- or oligonucleotides. It is five times more active on DNA than on RNA. S1 Nuclease also cleaves dsDNA at the single-stranded region caused by a nick, gap, mismatch or loop. S1 Nuclease exhibits 3'-phosphomonoesterase activity.

The enzyme is a glycoprotein with carbohydrate content of 18%.


• Removal of single-stranded overhangs of DNA fragments
• S1 transcript mapping
• Cleavage of hairpin loops
• Creation of unidirectional deletions in DNA fragments in conjunction with Exonuclease III


S1 Nuclease can introduce breaks into double-stranded DNA, RNA and DNA/RNA hybrids at high enzyme and low salt concentrations.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Type: S1 Nuclease
Concentration: 100 U/µL
Quantity: 10000 unit
Enzyme: Nuclease
Compatible Buffer: Storage Buffer, 5X Reaction Buffer