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TriPlus™ 300 Headspace Autosampler

TriPlus™ 300 Headspace Autosampler
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Automate and accelerate organic volatiles determinations to increase sample turnaround and lower the cost per analysis with the powerful Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ 300 Headspace Autosampler.

In many GC and GC-MS laboratories, sample preparation often accounts for more than twice the time spent on actual chromatography. Improved sample handling can reduce turnaround times and significantly lower the cost per analysis.



The TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler is a comprehensive sample handling solution that lets you automate and accelerate organic volatile determinations. Ideal for regulated pharmaceutical and forensic workflows as well as environmental and food safety applications, the valve-and-loop system offers reliable, unattended high-throughput operation.

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The Thermo Scientific TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler is designed for fast startup, high productivity, and maximum flexibility for any lab analyzing organic volatiles.

Superior sample integrity and traceability, end-to-end inertness of the sample path, seamless integration into multiple chromatography data systems, and a chromatographer-friendly local user interface further enhance the system’s versatility and analytical performance across a wide range of applications.

Exceptional Analytical Results

  • Proven, ultra reliable valve-and-loop technology delivers accurate, precise analytical results
  • Chemically inert sample path protects sample integrity, minimizes carryover effects, and ensures full compliance with any headspace method

Unmatched Flexibility

  • Heated zones can be set between 30° to 300°C to accommodate the widest range of applications, for example, the system can handle delicate biological samples and labile analytes while still being well-suited for high-temperature headspace applications
  • Full compliance with existing pharmaceutical, forensic, and environmental methods allows rapid startup and dependable organic volatile determinations
  • Priority samples can be placed at any sample tray position, allowing additional flexibility and enabling high-confidence multirun determinations
  • Autosampler is compatible with standard GC and GC-MS systems, including those using packed and capillary columns

Higher Throughput, Longer Unattended Operation

  • 120-vial sample tray capacity and large 18-vial incubation oven overlap capacity enables long, unattended sequences with highest throughput
  • Sequences of nonconsecutive vial positions can be accommodated while maintaining overlap capability
  • Built-in barcode capability facilitates confident sample traceability and workflow management

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

  • Autosampler can be moved from one GC to another in minutes, without modifying the GC pneumatics
  • Seamless integration in Thermo Scientific™ GC and GC/MS software provides single point of control for the entire analytical workflow
  • Control drivers are available for many third-party chromatography data systems (CDSs)
  • Gas & Energy Saving Mode provides automatic system deactivation or user-selectable reduction of settings, including temperature, gases, and touch screen intensity, to reduce the environmental impact of the headspace unit
When selected, the Gas & Energy Saving mode becomes active after 10 minutes of complete inactivity. It provides automatic complete deactivation or user-selectable reduction of settings, including temperature, gases, and touch screen intensity, to reduce the environmental impact of the headspace unit.


Manuals & protocols