Qdot™ 525 ITK™ Amino (PEG) Quantum Dots

Catalog number: Q21541MP

Qdot™ 525 ITK™ Amino (PEG) Quantum Dots

Catalog number: Q21541MP
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250 µL
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Q21541MP250 µL
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Qdot™ 525 ITK™ amino (PEG) quantum dots are the ideal starting material for preparing custom conjugates of ultrabright and photostable fluorescently labeled proteins or other biopolymers. These probes are functionalized with amine-derivatized PEG, which prevents non-specific interactions and provides a convenient handle for conjugation. The amino quantum dots react efficiently with isothiocyanates and succinimidyl esters, or with native carboxylic acids using water-soluble carbodiimides such as EDC. Such derivatives may be used for various labeling and tracking applications that require ultrabright and stable fluorescence. Our Qdot™ ITK™ amino quantum dots are provided as 8 μM solutions and are available in 8 colors of Qdot™ probes.

Important Features of Qdot™ ITK™ Amino Quantum Dots:
• Qdot™ 525 ITK™ amino quantum dot has emission maxima of ∼525 nm
• Extremely photostable and bright fluorescence
• Efficiently excited with single-line excitation sources
• Narrow emission, large stokes shift
• Available in multiple colors
• Ideal for various labeling and tracking applications

Properties of Qdot™ Nanocrystals
Qdot™ probes are ideal for imaging and labeling applications that require bright fluorescent signals and/or real-time tracking. Unique among fluorescent reagents, all nine available colors of Qdot™ probes can be simultaneously excited with a single (UV to blue-green) light source. This property makes these reagents excellent for economical and user-friendly multiplexing applications. Qdot™ labels are based on semiconductor nanotechnology and are similar in scale to moderately sized proteins.

About the Innovator’s Tool Kit Qdot™ ITK™ Reagents
These Qdot™ ITK™ probes are ideal for researchers who wish to prepare specific (non-stocked) conjugates for their applications and need customizable conjugation functionality.

Other Forms of Qdot™ Nanocrystals are Available
In addition to the amine-derivatized form, we offer Qdot™ ITK™ quantum dots with carboxyl and aliphatic hydrocarbon modifications. We’ve also developed a wide range of Qdot™ nanocrystals conjugates and labeling kits. Investigate the properties of Qdot™ nanocrystals or read the Molecular Probes™ Handbook Section 6.6—Qdot™ Nanocrystals to find out more.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


8 μM
250 μL
Product Type
Quantum Dot
Chemical Reactivity
Carboxylic Acid, Ketone, Aldehyde
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Reactive Moiety
Amine, Primary Amine
Label or Dye
Qdot™ 525
Label Type
Qdot Nanocrystals
Product Line
ITK™, Qdot™

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Store in refrigerator (2–8°C).


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