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I-Chem™ Loose Septa for 24-414 Open Top Caps

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Thermo Scientific™ Loose Septa are replacement septa for Thermo Scientific VOA vials and septa bottles with 24-414 open top caps. Loose septa may be used as replacement parts for Thermo Scientific VOA vials and bottles with unbonded septa. Fits the standard 24-414 open top cap. Cap may also be purchased separately (297-2414) for use with this septum. Processed to meet EPA Performance Based Specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis.

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  • 0.125in. thick or 0.060in. thin natural PTFE-lined silicone septum, 24mm diameter
  • For use with Thermo Scientific VOA vials and bottles with 24-414 open-top cap
  • Available in a variety of quantities per pack

Includes: Loose septa

Warranty: 90 days

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