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VetMAX™ M. tuberculosis Complex PCR Kit

Catalog number:  MTBC

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The VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex PCR Kit is a single-well, duplex, real-time PCR assay for the detection of all mycobacteria belonging to the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex in bovine lymph nodes and surrounding tissues. The kit is a highly sensitive and specific test for the detection of bovine tuberculosis, allowing reliable and rapid screening, exclusion of non-infected animals, and confirmation of infected animals.

All components needed for the PCR reaction are included in the kit:
• Mix MTBC: contains TaqMan primers and probes, buffer, and enzyme for optimized duplex real-time PCR amplification of targets
• EPC MTBC: DNA template containing the M. tuberculosis Complex target sequence (external positive control). It serves as a positive control for the real-time PCR components and is used to set the threshold cycle (Ct) for evaluating test results
• IPC MTBC: added to each test and control sample at the lysis step of the DNA isolation procedure (exogenous internal positive control). The IPC serves as a control for the DNA isolation procedure and is used to monitor for the presence of PCR inhibitors

The VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex PCR Kit is part of a workflow solution with the MagVet Universal Isolation Kit (Cat. No. MV384) and the Kingfisher Flex Magnetic Particle Processor or Kingfisher mL Flex Magnetic Particle Processor (Cat. Nos. 5400630 and 5400640).

For Veterinary Use Only.


PCR Method: 2-Step qRT-PCR
Product Line: VetMAX™
Reaction Speed: Fast or Standard
Sample Type: Bacteria
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

Store at -5 to -30°C.