18 Nov 2021

Bookmarks Manager

Add bookmarks to your project, including status and camera, so you can easily retrieve a given visualization. You can then navigate through the bookmarks.

02-Dec-20 10-31-56

This module allows you to save the status of a project as a bookmark, in an ordered list. 

When you save a bookmark, you are saving:

  • All the ports of the display modules (including colormaps, connected data, slices positions, etc.)
  • The status of the display modules (visibility, etc.)
  • The position of the camera in all present viewers
  • The transformation of the data modules

After a bookmark is saved, it can be updated to reflect a new status of the project.

When you save a bookmark, you can either add it to the end of the list, or insert it in the middle (or at the top). Later on, you can move bookmarks inside this list. Bookmarks have names that can be changed.

Once a project status is saved as a bookmark, it can be retrieved easily by selecting the bookmark in a list. You can then jump to the previous or to the next bookmark with the push of a button.