10 Jul 2020

Cylinder Slice with Native Resolution in Z

This Xtra module is a version of the Cylinder Slice module that sets the resolution, in the Z direction, of the extracted image to the native resolution of the input data.

2-25-2022 3-08-16 PM

This Xtra module is almost the same as the existing, product-embedded, Cylinder Slice module. The difference is that this version ensures that the extracted image has the same resolution in the Z direction as the native resolution of the input data.

This module displays a cylindrical view of the scalar field. The center and radius of the cylinder cross-section can be defined through interactive manipulators on the input slice (Ortho Slice or Slice). The image intensities are interpolated on the surface of the cylinder, which is virtually unrolled and displayed as a 2D image in an extra viewer. This cylindrical slice can be extracted as a standard image using the Extract Image module.

Download a version compatible with Amira-Avizo and PerGeos 2021.2 HERE, 2022.1 HERE, 2022.2 HERE, 2023.1 HERE.