1 Sep 2022

Extract Objects

The Xtra module extracts single objects based on label information listed in a Label Analysis.

6-29-2022 4-20-3 PM

This Xtra extracts part(s) of a scalar field, based on the label(s) bounding box information stored in a Label Analysis spreadsheet.

The module considers each label's bounding box intersecting the input data bounding box, and creates a new lattice of size equal to the bounding box, or optionally enlarged by a certain number of pixels. On this lattice, the data is set equal to the input data on voxels where the label is defined, and 0 elsewhere, unless including the whole data is specified.

You can create the module by right-clicking on the data, then searching for Xtra > Automation > Extract Objects.

Download a version compatible with Amira-Avizo 2022.1 HERE, 2022.2 HERE, 2023.1 HERE.