3 Dec 2021

Facies Classification from Well Logs

Facies (rock type) classification from well logs using supervised machine learning algorithms.

This package contains a set of modules plus a tutorial to guide you through this topic.

Facies classification (assigning a rock type or class to specific rock samples) on the basis of measured rock properties is a fundamental step in geologic interpretations. With this package, you learn how to use classification algorithms such as Support Vector Machine or Boosted Gradient, to identify lithofacies based on well-log measurements. A support vector machine is a type of supervised-learning algorithm, which needs to be supplied with training data to learn the relationships between the measurements (or features) and the classes to be assigned. In our case, the features are the well-log data. Classes are the lithofacies. Once a classifier is trained, you will be able to predict facies from new and unseen well logs.

This Xtra requires a PerGeos Core Profile license and is available on Windows only.

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