30 Jun 2022

Xtras Installer for Amira-Avizo 2023.1 and Prior

The Xtras Installer is a tool that provides an easy way to install resources from the Xtra Library on to your local machine.

Xtras Installer 2

The Xtras Installer provides an easy way to install Xtras and execute the attached example projects (if any). The tool is available for Windows and Linux Ubuntu.

You will first need to download the installer for the tool, from the appropriate Download button. On Windows, simply execute the installer. On Linux Ubuntu, follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.

After installation, you can run the application that consists of a web browser and some control widgets. These are used to select the application and its version, and where to install and execute the chosen Xtra(s).

You can then use the tool to navigate the Xtra Library website, select an Xtra to install, and supervise the Xtra installation and example project execution.

A detailed documentation for the Xtras Installer can be downloaded HERE.


  • The Xtras Installer does not support playing videos. Please use your preferred web browser to play videos.
  • The downloadable installer (for the Xtras Installer itself) is not signed, which might make it impossible to install on some computers. We are sorry if you encounter this inconvenience. Do not hesitate to contact our customer support using the Contact us button.
  • If you encounter issues downloading the executable from the Download button on Windows, you can download a zipped version of it HERE.

Note: Amira-Avizo 2023.2 and further versions expose the Xtra Installer in their user interface, so you no longer need this tool. To open the Xtra Installer, select Xtra Installer from the Xtras menu.