10 Jun 2022

Image Stack Builder

This module merges together a set of several 2D/3D images into one single volume. It is very helpful for building a 2D image stack from a set of 2D images for ground truth definition.


This module takes one directory as input,  and concatenates all supported 2D/3D images from it into one unique 3D volume.

Only images of the same data type and of the same size can be concatenated together.

The data type and the size of the 3D volume being built is determined by the first image successfully loaded.
All other images must then share both the same data type and size as the 3D volume; otherwise, they are ignored.

In case the loading of one supported image fails, the module simply skips it and moves to the next image.
The reason why the loading failed, or the concatenation was dismissed, is then displayed in the Python console of the module.

Currently, the supported image formats are: .am, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .mrc, .png, .tif.
This list can be easily updated through the .pyscro file for this module.

To create the module, right-click in the Project View, select Create Object... and then go to the Xtra/Volume Operations directory.

Data courtesy of Albert Cardona. Cardona A, et al. 2010. An Integrated Micro- and Macroarchitectural Analysis of the Drosophila Brain by Computer-Assisted Serial Section Electron Microscopy. PLoS Biol 8(10): e1000502. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000502.