4 Dec 2023

Visualize Identified Molecules of a Cryo-Tomogram

This Xtra provides the means to import results from template matching and visualize them with the Molecule Cloud View module. In addition, a module is provided to crop point clouds according to an ROI-box.


This Xtra provides a module that allows the import of the STAR files generated by STOPGAP template matching (Wan et al., 2020) and visualizes the template molecule at its locations within the tomogram, using a specialized rendering module.

Two projects come with the Xtra (proteasomes.hx, ribosomes&proteasomes.hx) creating the final visualizations. A detailed description of how to get there is provided in the included PDF.

The Xtra also provides a script-module to crop molecular point clouds according to an ROI-box, the use of which is also described in the PDF.

Data by kind permission of Khavnekar S and Plitzko J, MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany