Our growing portfolio of solvents and reagents will help you maximize your chromatography productivity and achieve reproducibility, ensuring results you can trust with the highest degree of confidence.

Our current offerings, available for purchase on, include: Thermo Scientific UHPLC-MS solvents - ultrapure solvents designed to deliver the highest sensitivity, ensure low formation of metal ion adducts, and improve peak profiles; Thermo Scientific ChromaCare™ flush solutions - designed to best prepare LC-MS instruments for start-up; mobile phase blends - aqueous or alcohol solutions containing ammonium formate, designed for testing of Vitamin D and drugs of abuse; and ICP-OES grade acids - designed for digesting samples used in trace element analyses.

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Key applications


Our portfolio of chromatography instruments, columns and consumables provides a  workflow solution that drives innovation and improves productivity in research and QC/QA laboratories.

Proteomics MassSpectrometry

Our leadership is backed by state-of-the-art solutions in sample preparation, liquid chromatographic separations, mass spectrometry and proteomic software.


Our portfolio of environmental analysis technologies for the analysis of water, air, soil and contaminants provide reliable, accurate and precise results helps minimize regulatory risks.

Food Analytical Testing

Thermo Scientific solutions for food safety analysis, including testing for pesticide residue, toxins, and pollutants, help ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality food products.

Forensic Toxicology

We offer innovative laboratory solutions in the following forensic categories for both criminal and non-criminal investigations: drug screening, volatiles screening and confirmation, and analysis of elemental toxins.

Pharma and Biopharma

Thermo Fisher Scientific has robust products and workflows for every stage of the bio/pharmaceutical pipeline, including: biopharmaceutical analytical testing, pharmaceutical QC testing, and pre-clinical/clinical drug testing.

Spectroscopy, Elemental & Isotope Analysis

Choose from a wide range of solutions for analyzing trace elements, isotopes, and chemical compounds in research, production and analytical laboratories.

Clinical Chemistry, Drug, and Toxicology Testing

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a broad range of solutions for: therapeutic and immunosuppressant drug monitoring, clinical chemistry, drugs of abuse testing.