Buffers are aqueous solutions of weak acids and their conjugate bases, or weak bases and their conjugate acids. Buffers show little change in pH when small amounts of strong acids or bases are added. In a biological process, pH often plays an important role in that it can affect the internal and external environments of tissues and cells. Buffers are often required to maintain the correct pH for proteins and oligonucleotides, as many macromolecules require precise conditions to function properly.

In biological systems, an ideal buffer has the following characteristics: a pKa value between 6.0 and 8.0, high water solubility, nontoxic, limited effect on biochemical reactions, very low absorbance between 240 nm and 700 nm, enzymatic and hydrolytic stability, minimal changes due to temperature and concentration, limited effects due to ionic or salt composition of the solution, and limited interaction with mineral cations.

Our products come in a range of quantities and include standard solutions and buffers for life science and chemistry research applications, such as diluents, washing solutions, and standard-value solutions used for a broad array of scientific calibration purposes.

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Life Science Buffers

Our complete line of biological buffers includes powders, salts, and pre-mixed buffer solutions for broad usage in cell culture, molecular biology, and biochemical studies.


Our high-purity analytical standards include ICP and DCP standards, single-element standards, and more, and are intended for use in mass spectrometry, environmental, and other analytical chemistry research applications.

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Buffers for life science research

The purpose of a buffer in a biological system is to maintain intracellular and extracellular pH within the physiological range, and resist changes in pH due to the presence of internal and external influences. Our buffers have pKa values at or near physiological pH, and offer minimal interference with biological processes, making them suitable for cell cultivation, isolation of cells, enzyme assays, and other life science research applications.

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