biobanking sample collection
Helping ensure sample quality

The success of a biobank project starts at the point of collection to ensure the quality of samples and establishing a robust sample information foundation. Our pledge is to simplify and improve the quality of the critical stages in the biobanking process to ensure successful downstream research of biological specimens

Biobanking sample collection featured products

Samco Specimen Collection and Transport Containers

PureLink® Total RNA Blood Kit

Tempus Blood RNA Tubes

Featured biobanking sample collection products

Reliable swab collection maximizes your specimen by releasing 95% or more of the collected sample.

Eliminate the need for decanting in the laboratory with Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Polystyrene Urine Tubes. Ideal for use in automated urine analyzers.

sterlin primary urine tubes

Ideal for the collection of urine, formalin, or fixative fills and histology transport.

Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes are for stabilization and isolation of total RNA from whole blood for gene expression analysis.