Lentiviral (LV) particles

Lentiviral vector manufacturing solutions

Lentiviral vectors are a widely used modality for gene modification in cell therapy manufacturing processes. The innovative lentivirus production solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific are designed to accelerate and streamline the development of gene-modified cell therapies and gene therapies.

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Lentiviral production workflow

Plasmid develpoment

Plasmid development and production

Central to the lentiviral production workflow is large-scale plasmid production and purification. From DNA vector selection to large-scale production and purification platforms, we have solutions to meet your needs:

Gene synthesis services

Lentiviral vector production

Lentiviral vector production

We offer a scalable, HEK293-based suspension cell system optimized for large-scale lentiviral vector production.

Lentiviral production systems

Bioprocessing liquids and cell culture media preparation 

Downstream processing and characterization

Downstream processing and characterization

Following production of crude virus preparations, we offer a large range of solutions for downstream purification and characterization of final viral vector products. 


To scale your research, we have developed chromatography resins for lentiviral vectors along with single-use solutions for robust vector processing.

Mixers, buffers and single-use solutions

Analytics and characterization development

To help ensure regulatory approval of the final lentiviral vector product, QC testing must be implemented. We offer rapid molecular methods for quantification, contaminant and impurity testing across the workflow.

Fill and finish development

Once the final product has been purified, passed the necessary quality and release testing criteria for clinical use, it is ready for formulation, final fill and finish.


CRO and CDMO Services

Our cell and gene therapy CRO solutionssupport customers through the unique demands that cell and gene therapy clinical trials call for. The extensive breadth and depth of therapeutic and functional expertise have guided a diverse range of cell and gene therapy assets through the development pipeline

Our Viral Vector Contract Manufacturing Services support clients from drug development to full-scale manufacturing. In addition to product release, stability testing, process and analytical qualification, and custom cell line engineering, we provide global quality compliance and regulatory support.


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