Order synthetic amplification controls to match the exact content of your pathogen detection panel

TaqMan Custom DNA Controls contain a linearized multi-target plasmid pool used for microbial detection using TaqMan OpenArray plates or TaqMan array cards. These controls can be included as a positive control for panel-specific amplification, and the high concentration (5 x 107 copies/µL) products can also be used to determine parameters necessary for analytical validation (e.g., limit of detection and Ct cut-off values). During real-time PCR, the control can be used as a stand-alone sample to verify assay performance and help with troubleshooting.

Product details

Cat. no.Description# of targetsConcentration (copies/µL)Volume (µL)List price
A50319TaqMan Custom DNA Control<=201 x 1051000$1,560
A50375TaqMan Custom DNA Control21 to 301 x 1051000$2,800
A50376TaqMan Custom DNA Control31 to 501 x 1051000$3,120
A50377TaqMan Custom DNA Control>501 x 1051000Quote only
A50378TaqMan Custom DNA Control<=205 x 10750$2,600
A50379TaqMan Custom DNA Control21 to 305 x 10750$3,120
A50380TaqMan Custom DNA Control31 to 505 x 10750$4,160
A50381TaqMan Custom DNA Control>505 x 10750Quote only

All TaqMan Custom DNA Control products should be stored at –15°C to –25°C.

Please allow four weeks for your TaqMan Custom DNA Control to be manufactured.

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