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Prevail with diagnostic testing for your routine clinical lab

Together, we are moving medicine forward by bringing you advanced diagnostic tools. We are committed to providing reliable and easy-to-use instruments, solutions, services and support to meet the needs of today's diagnostic laboratories.  With years of experience and expertise in high-quality platforms, we have you covered.

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Diagnostic testing product categories

We offer integrated diagnostic testing instruments and solutions to enable your lab-developed assays, automate specific tests and maximize lab productivity for clinical laboratories.

We focus on high-value diagnostics that help to achieve the best patient outcomes. With our innovative tools and a portfolio that supports improved workflows, we can partner with you to make the world healthier.

Rely on our products as a complete solution for your testing program, including sample collection devices, expansive test menu, compact bench-top clinical analyzers and data management options.

Establish confidence in laboratory testing with a combined portfolio of clinical chemistry and molecular controls. Gain insight to quality issues with the web-based LabLink xL Quality Assurance Software.

With our wide range of capabilities and global manufacturing footprint, we're the OEM and contract manufacturing partner of choice for some of the world's largest suppliers of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. They rely on us for quality, compliance, and reliability.

Today’s business climate, combined with the need forpersonalized medicine to support the rapid delivery of results from the labdirectly to the patient, has dramatically increased the informatics integrationand workflow challenges.


Drug Monitoring and Quality Control Products and Instrumentation

The spectrum of our integrated products and services offers both breadth and depth in the areas of drugs of abuse, specimen validity testing and toxicology testing; therapeutic and immunosuppressive drug monitoring; and quality control and data management.

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