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Rabbit Complement

Rabbit Complement is designed for use as the complement reagent in a complement-dependent microlymphocytotoxicity assay. The reactivity of various lots of complement should be pre-tested by the laboratory using their specific methods and target cells. Large lot volumes reduce the time and cost of sampling new lots.

Rabbit complement is useful with assays that detect complement-fixing antibodies (antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity).

The low presence of heterophile antibody in conjunction with the high degree of sterility provides many uses for this product with the research lab. Currently, this product is being evaluated in experimental cell-depletion bone marrow research and is used in numerous microbial assays (including vaccine development and bacterialcidal assays).

Our complement is produced from New Zealand and California white rabbits. Complement from 3–4 week old rabbits feature:

  • High titer
  • Minimal heterophile antibody activity
  • Low endotoxin activity

Ideal research uses:

  • Microlymphotoxicity tests
  • Bactericidal assay
  • Opsonisation assay

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Pooled Human Serum

Pooled human serum (PHS) is designed for use as a cell culture protein supplement or as a negative control reagent. Negative control serum is a pool of sera aseptically collected from whole blood. The whole blood is collected from non-transfused group AB male donors. This material was tested and found to be non-reactive for hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), Anti-HIV and Hepatitis C. This product is available heat inactivated or non-heat inactivated. Large lots are available.

Ideal research uses:

  • Cell culture—supports cell culture with minimal background cytotoxicity toward human T and B cells as determined by CDC and flow. PHS supports superior growth with less background than FCS, as it does not stimulate lymphocyte growth as bovine serum can.
  • Microlymphocytotoxicity and flow assays—can be used as a diluents or negative control serum.
  • MLC and PHA assays—the medium of choice for MLC and mitogen (PHA) response assays.

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