HLA Laboratory Instruments

Advanced instrumentation for enhanced efficiency and productivity in the lab

We understand the quality of our assays is directly related to the instrumentation they are run on. This is why we are offering a suite of laboratory instruments that are efficient, simple to use, and reliable, from DNA extraction to final results.

Maximize your assay performance with our cutting-edge laboratory instrumentation

One Lambda HLA PRO

LABScan3D Advanced Multiplex Analyzer

Ion GeneStudio S5 System

Find the instrumentation system for your laboratory

Product Category What is it? Workflow supported Regulatory status
One Lambda HLA PRO Automated pipetting systems An automated pipetting system Bead based and NGS General Laboratory Use
LABScan3D Advanced Multiplex Analyzer Readers and analyzers A multiplex flow analyzer using Luminex xMAP technology LABScreen and LABType assays IVD: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems NGS systems GeneStudio systems supports fast sequencing speeds, scalability, and can enhance performance AllType and AllType FASTplex assays RUO: For Research Use Only
Ion Chef Instrument NGS systems This system automates template preparation with minimal hands-on time and push-button simplicity AllType and AllType FASTplex assays RUO: For Research Use Only
KingFisher Sample Purification Systems Sample prep systems These systems offer versatile automation and optimized reagents so you can maximize your lab's efficiency and streamline sample prep Workflows requiring purified genomic DNA RUO: For Research Use Only
Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Systems Real-time PCR systems These systems are designed to work with LinkSēq assays and to streamline your PCR workflow, increase reproducibility, and offer an optimal user experience LinkSēq assays RUO: For Research Use Only
LinkSēq VIAFLO ASSIST Liquid Handler Kit Liquid handlers This liquid handler is a personal pipetting assistant optimized for use with LinkSēq products LinkSēq assays RUO: For Research Use Only

Intended use of the products mentioned on this page vary. For specific intended use statements please refer to the product label.