High density sample handling products

These well plates meet the requirements of today's chromatographer for applications ranging from simple routine analyses to specific and challenging sample handling situations. The Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal™ system is a comprehensive range of low bleed polypropylene well plates and seals that can be used for different types of analytical challenges and all types of chromatographic applications.

Well plate product and accessories

Chromatography Well Plates, Glass Coated

High quality polypropylene microplates coated with silicone dioxide provide a chemical resistance similar to glass while retaining the advantages of polypropylene. These lightweight, precision molded, cost-effective plates are an alternative to solid glass plates.

Chromatography Well Plates, Plastic Non-Coated

These chemically and thermally resistant plates are ideal for pharmaceutical applications, sample collection and storage, combinatorial chemistry and HTS applications. Their SBS and ANSI standard footprint design allows for broad instrument compatibility.

Chromatography Well Plates, Glass Inserted

Save time by using these convenient wellplate kits with pre-inserted glass or PTFE vials. 

Well Plate Mats

Effectively seal all microplate formats for sample storage and eliminate cross contamination with a unique cross cutting tool that allows for removal of individual samples with the seal in place.

Well Plate Tape and Accessories

Use quality WebSeal tape and accessories designed for WebSeal well plates

Vials and Closures Catalog

Access the latest version of our Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog to ensure that you're optimizing your applications. Our enhanced online version features a robust applications search tool, access to method development guides, application notebooks, and much more.

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