Liquid Chromatography Information

Expanding liquid chromatography utility and versatility

Liquid chromatography (LC)  is one of the most utilized analytical techniques today, and covers applications ranging from food and beverage analysis to forensic toxicology to drug discovery. Learn how Thermo Scientific™ liquid chromatography (LC) instruments, columns, and software systems expand the utility and versatility of LC in different analytical and preparative applications.

LC information features


Find out how UHPLC and sub-2μm column particles improve separation speed, throughput, and sensitivity in life science applications.


Critical Choices in HPLC

Learn about column phase selection, factors to consider in gradient HPLC, and the fundamentals of HPLC detectors.

LC information subtopics

Vanquish UHPLC Systems

Find out why these new UHPLC systems were designed from the ground up without compromise to deliver more results with better separations.

Charged Aerosol Detection

Learn how charged aerosol detection works and what applications benefit most from this charge-measuring detection method.

Electrochemical Detection

Why is electrochemical detection (ECD) the detection method of choice for vanishingly small quantities of analyte? Discover how it works and find out more about new advancements in ECD.

HILIC LC Column Solutions

Learn about HILIC column stationary phases, retention mechanisms, method development, troubleshooting, and care.

Specialty Applications

Learn about our solutions for specialty liquid chromatography applications, including IonCount Pharma, Counterion LC, Beer and Hop LC, and BioRSLC BioPharma solutions.

Chromeleon CDS Software Resources

Here’s a collection of resources to learn about the feature sets that make this software both powerful and easy to use.

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