Ion Chromatography Detectors

Detection options for all the different kinds of analytes you need to measure

Choose the best conductivity (CD), electrochemical (ECD), variable wavelength (VWD), photodiode array (PDA) ion chromatography (IC) detector, or mass spectrometry (MS) detector for your IC application. Our detectors offer high sensitivity and minimum peak dispersion in an all-PEEK flow path, making the detectors compatible with eluents of pH 0–14.

IC detectors

Conductivity IC Detectors
Conductivity IC detectors

Get high-performance conductivity detection for analytical and capillary ion chromatography separations.

Electrochemical IC detectors

This detector is highly sensitive and specific to susceptible molecules, and is often used in tandem with conductivity detection as a general method that characterizes all ions in the sample.

Electrochemical IC Detectors
PDA Photodiode Array IC Detector
PDA photodiode array IC detector

Maximize optical absorbance information with high-resolution, full UV-Vis spectra, highly flexible multiple wavelength signals and referencing capabilities. For use on all models of Dionex ICS systems.

VWD variable wavelength IC detector

Get high-performance, multiple wavelength UV-Vis detection for routine ion chromatography with all models of Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS systems.

VWD Variable Wavelength IC Detector
Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Single quadrupole mass spectrometer

Add the sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry (MS) to IC applications with this single quadrupole MS detector.

QD charge detector and cell

The world’s first ion chromatography charge detector, which is used in combination with conductivity where the charge is directly proportional to the analyte present

QD Charge Detector and Cell
Need IC detector parts & accessories?

Find the right replacement lamps, detector cells, electrodes, and other parts and kits for all your Dionex IC Systems.


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