Twin screw extruders from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific twin-screw extruders offer flexible compounding configurations that can move you from small-batch, lab-scale extrusion to pilot-scale production.


With lab-scale twin-screw extruders, you can:

  • Simulate production and optimize your process
  • Feed different additives (solid and liquid) along the various barrel ports
  • Quickly and easily configure a wide variety of applications and test conditions

Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

The design of the Thermo Scientific Process 11 Twin-Screw Extruder and its accessories, as well as its parallel segmented screws, enable batch and continuous processing while ensuring scale-up to pilot and/or production scale.

  • Segmented screw design, adjustable barrel length and temperature zones enable excellent mixing results from as little as 20 g up to compounding of 2 kg per hour. With minimum sample quantity, design of experiments (DoE) can be conducted in a single continuous process. Different applications are supported by a flexible, segmented screw design and seven independently adjustable temperature zones along the barrel.
  • Split feeding and venting ports along the barrel for pellets, powders, and liquids work with standard pellets and make pre-mixing steps redundant. Up to 6 additional ports are available for further material feeding or venting.
  • Continuous processing at lab scale boosts DoE efficiency. Material compositions can be changed during processing without cleaning steps in between, thereby saving time and material, as compared to batch processes.
  • A hygienic model is also available, designed for food and cosmetic industries: product-contact parts are manufactured from hygienic-grade steel.

Process 16 Twin-Screw Extruder

The Thermo Scientific Process 16 Twin-Screw Extruder is a highly modular extrusion system with a wide range of options and accessories designed to meet your processing requirements. 
  • Fast and reliable material development for the polymer, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Use as little as 0.4 kg of material or go up to 18 kg/h to optimize your process parameters and formulations.
  • A fully ported barrel allows you to meter materials along the barrel via top or side feeding. Side feeding increases the amount of low-bulk density fillers incorporated in the base matrix.
  • All feeder controllers are integrated. This means that a connected feeder is automatically detected by the extruder and displayed in the HMI.
  • The segmented screw design can be individually configured to exactly match process requirements with a wide range of conveying, mixing, and extrusion elements.
  • The screw elements have a 1.73:1 ratio of outer to inner diameter, resulting in a high free-volume design. With a screw diameter of 16 mm, this design enables you to successfully process challenging material like large pellets, flakes, fibers, or low-bulk density fillers.
  • A hygienic model is also available, designed for food and cosmetic industries: product-contact parts are manufactured from hygienic-grade steel.

TSE 24 MC Twin-Screw Extruder

Pilot-scale extruders, such as the Thermo Scientific TSE 24 MC Twin-Screw Extruder, are an excellent choice for small batch production.

  • Achieve up to 50 kg/h throughput for small-scale manufacturing
  • Optimize your process parameters under real life conditions
  • Fully ported barrel allows you to meter materials along the barrel via top or side feeding