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Whether you prefer to make your own media, buy prepared plates, or take advantage of easy-to-prepare convenience formats, our culture medium expertise and rigorous quality standards have made us a preferred supplier and trusted source of prepared media to laboratories all around the world.

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Protect the quality and safety of your finished products with a vast selection of high quality base products, supplements, and special blends, including a wide range of animal-free formulations. All of our dehydrated media is tested for quality and performance before, during, and after manufacturing to make sure our finished product meets the needs of your finished product.

Save time and labor with prepared media. Eliminate time consuming media preparation and achieve accurate, consistent results at every step of your workflow with a variety of high quality ready-prepared media plates and convenience formats.

Find a variety of formats and sizes of atmosphere generating supplies to help you maximize incubation space and organism growth at the same time. All of our environmental solutions are designed to deliver the anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2 conditions you need for microorganisms to thrive.

Bring color to your lab with easy-to-read chromogenic media

Increase your screening efficiency with prepared chromogenic media plates. Colorful, easy-to-read colonies and short incubation times, together with Inhibigen™ technology for improved selectivity,  mean that you can make timely and important decisions.

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Tips for successful culture media preparation

Ensuring your culture media is fit-for-purpose is critical for accurate and easily interpreted results. Save time and waste in your culture media preparation with our free guide.

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Make the most of your laboratory time with more streamlined sample enrichment and preparation solutions.

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Cultural microbiology reviews

Read expert reviews on key topics in microbiology. Culture has been in publication for over 35 years. From its origin in 1979, it was well known for its science content and today continues to track all the advances in microbiology. 

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