Our cutting-edge tools can help simplify your cell division, mitosis and cell cycle research.

Cell division analysis and control represents one of the most dynamic segments of biomedical and drug discovery research. Regulation of major events of the cell cycle—DNA synthesis, mitosis, and cell division—involves steps which are crucial to the cell, including detecting and repairing genetic damage and providing various checks to prevent uncontrolled cell division.

Whether you are exploring the mitotic pathway or evaluating a novel compound, our products are designed to help ensure that you’ll have the most innovative cell cycle research tools at your fingertips. Our novel platforms and products include antibodies, tools for flow cytometry, fluorescent cell dyes and stains, and cell cycle related immunoassays.

Cell cycle imaging applications

From cytoskeleton probes to nucleic acid stains, a wide variety of cell structure probes can be utilized for imaging cell division in live and fixed cells.

Cell cycle flow cytometry applications

Flow cytometry, in conjunction with modeling algorithms, provides a powerful tool to assess cells in G0/G1 phase versus S phase, G2, or polyploidy in live and fixed cell populations.