Increase the capabilities of your HCS/HCA platform

Review our 2D/3D Amira visualization software option for investigations of the most complex spheroid, organoid, and tissue models; see the environmental control features of the HCA Onstage Incubator; get an overview of the Orbitor RS2 plate handler or the Cytomat automated incubator for automated high-throughput screening; and find links for platform-specific reagent selection guides.

Amira Software: 2D/3D visualization and analysis

For advanced image processing and analysis, the Thermo Scientific Amira Software option offers uncompromised 3D analysis capabilities of the most challenging samples, including 3D neuroscience morphology and immuno-oncology colocalization assessment of cancer and immune cells. Amira software has been customized to recognize 3D image sets acquired from the CellInsight CX5, CX7 LED Pro, and CX7 LZR Pro platforms. Collectively, the CellInsight and Amira 3D software enable investigations of the most complex spheroid, organoid, and tissue models.

Invitrogen HCA Onstage Incubator

Enable live-cell imaging and kinetic time-course analysis with our environmental control chamber. When combined with the Invitrogen HCS Onstage Incubation system, the CellInsight platform is ideal for time-lapse kinetic imaging at high resolution and for 3D acquisition. The environmental chamber mimics both physiological and non-physiological conditions and controls temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and oxygen via nitrogen displacement, making the system ideal for demanding hypoxia experiments in 3D cell models. These capabilities are complimented by HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software for increased statistical power, including T1/2 and area-under-the-curve kinetic measurements.


Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

The CellInsight HCS Platforms can be equipped for automated high-throughput screening using the Orbitor RS2 plate handler. You can increase the processing capacity up to 80 plates with our automation solution. The HCS Studio software can directly operate the Orbitor RS2 microplate mover, eliminating the need for third-party software.

Cytomat automated incubators

The Cytomat automated incubators are an ideal solution for automation and high-throughput needs. Cytomat incubators are complementary to the Orbitor RS2 plate handler and can be used with CellInsight CX5, CX7 LED Pro, and CX7 LZR Pro instruments.

High-content screening reagents

Maximize results by combining our high-content screening platforms with Invitrogen Molecular Probes fluorescence reagents. As pioneers in the field of fluorescent labeling, Invitrogen Molecular Probes scientists regularly develop new reagents and improve existing ones in conjunction with the CellInsight platform.


Our portfolio of HCS reagents is designed for the high-throughput workflow and automated imaging. Examples of these reagents are cell and nuclear masks for automated demarcation, robust functional probes for cell health interrogation, and a broad fluorophore choice for easy multiplexing, including cell painting. Reagents are verified on multiple imaging platforms with flexible workflows for automated processing.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.