Construct high quality full length cDNA libraries using Invitrogen SuperScript reverse transcriptase combined with Invitrogen Gateway cloning for uncut libraries (no use of restriction digestion). Or use standard restriction enzyme cloning.

CloneMiner II cDNA Library Construction Kit

The Invitrogen CloneMiner II cDNA Library Construction Kit is a second generation CloneMiner kit that enables rapid construction of highly representative cDNA libraries without restriction enzyme cloning. This innovative library construction technology combines Invitrogen SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase with Gateway cloning technology, resulting in the discovery of previously unobtainable, full-length clones. The kit also avoids the use of time-consuming, inefficient ligation reactions, making library construction faster and offering better representation.

SuperScript Plasmid System for cDNA Synthesis with Gateway Technology

The Invitrogen SuperScript Plasmid System is designed for synthesis of double-stranded cDNA from a purified mRNA population. The cDNA is suitable for directional cloning into the pSPORT1 vector or the pCMV•SPORT6 plasmid vector for subsequent generation of cDNA libraries and use of Gateway Technology.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.