Do-It-Yourself Gene Synthesis With GeneArt Technology

Enhance your do-it-yourself gene synthesis!

We have the solution for the high error rates typically observed with do-it-yourself gene synthesis: the new CorrectASE correction enzyme or the GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit with CorrectASE complete workflow solution reduce synthetic gene or fragment mutations 3- to 10-fold (depending on the quality of the oligonucleotides used).

Save time and money—CorrectASE enzyme helps reduce do-it-yourself gene synthesis costs significantly, by reducing the number of clones that need to be sequenced. The GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit with CorrectASE provides all the reagents necessary for the gene synthesis workflow, including oligonucleotide assembly, error correction, and cloning of the final PCR product.


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CorrectASE Enzyme

CorrectASE enzyme minimizes the introduction of unwanted mutations during gene synthesis by detecting and correcting mismatches and errors in assembled genes. Treatment with CorrectASE enzyme helps ensure that no more than four clones need to be screened to verify sequence, compared to 10 to 16 clones with workflows not implementing error correction with CorrectASE enzyme. These efficiencies help deliver dramatic reductions in sequencing costs and the amount of labor involved in colony picking, liquid culture outgrowth, plasmid preparation, sequencing PCR, sequencing reactions, and sequence analysis.


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This figure outlines the workflow of do-it-yourself gene synthesis incorporating CorrectASE enzyme.

Red dots: error

Orange dots: CorrectASE




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This figure shows a comparison of the number of clones obtained and the respective sequence error rates for gene synthesis with and without CorrectASE enzyme.

Oligos comprising the 730bp GFP gene were assembled by PCR and then either treated with CorrectASE or not treated before a final PCR. The PCR products were topo cloned and plated overnight. The % fluorescent cfus is shown for each. B) 11 cfus were picked randomly from each plate and sequenced. In the untreated sample, location of deletion mutations (red dots) and mismatch (green dots) are noted. Error rate is calculated as the number of errors divided by the number of bases sequenced. Untreated sample had 1 correct out of 11 sequences, while the CorrectASE treated sample had 9 out of 11 correct.

GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit with CorrectASE Enzyme

If you are new to gene synthesis, the GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit with CorrectASE enzyme is ideal for you.

The GeneArt Gene Synthesis Kit enables you to:

  • Increase the success rate of do-it-yourself gene synthesis by providing standardized reagents and a protocol for the complete gene synthesis workflow
  • Increase the probability of isolating a synthetic gene containing the correct sequence, 3- to 10-fold, by including an error-correction step in the workflow
  • Perform gene synthesis typically in 3 days, from oligo assembly to sequence-verified clone
  • Reduce your labor time and sequencing costs by allowing you to sequence as few as 2–4 clones (compared to 10–16 clones with traditional methods)

The kit contains all reagents required for successful do-it-yourself gene synthesis, including:

If you’d like to have us complete your gene synthesis project for you, contact our GeneArt Gene Synthesis Service. For the assembly of existing fragments, we offer the Seamless Cloning and Genetic Assembly Kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.