Technology to guide sustainability and efficiency

Managing a lab and its operations is a lot of work, but taking steps toward creating a connected lab with intelligent analytics can vastly improve how you do business. 

InSight Analytics

InSight Analytics, powered by KLATU, contains extensive data analysis tools that convert data into invaluable, actionable information, helping empower how you manage operations. InSight can help save time and money by providing data-based insights for operation and purchasing decisions, improve uptime with predictive health and performance data and provide valuable information to help develop and implement a sustainability plan.

View health history, trends, energy usage, study groups and more.


Emphasis on asset performance

InSight Analytics can identify problems before they occur with advanced, predictive analytics and performance is benchmarked across industry standards.


Decision-making data

System data allows you to enhance equipment performance and reduce downtime resulting from unexpected maintenance. Data can also indicate when equipment should be retired or serve as a guide to creating an energy sustainability plan.


Cloud based

InSight Analytics stores data in the cloud for easy remote access, real-time alerts and global views of equipment and fleet performance.


Enhanced sample integrity

InSight Analytics includes remote monitoring, so you can check your equipment status 24/7 and receive custom notifications and alerts for peace of mind that your science is safe.


Agnostic Hardware

The InSight Analytics system is compatible with cold storage equipment from multiple OEMs.


Benchmarking and targeted maintenance

Using data to benchmark and monitor ongoing equiptment performance, organizations can help employ a more efficient, proactive strategy and decrease unexpected downtime.


InSight asset performance and management tools work with InSight motes and sensors and require an annual subscription.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Insight produces reports and predictive modeling which allow you to make informed decisions.  As an example, this report enables repair prioritization, showing that repairing the certain freezers now would annually save 52,735 kWh (approx. $7,382). 


InSight Analytics consists of wireless modules (kits), sensors and software that also allows you to monitor equipment temperature, door access and other parameters.


Thermo Scientific provides all of the support you'll need to help revolutionize your laboratory operations with InSight Analytics. We offer installation, training, network testing, ISO 9001/17025 calibration and IQ/OQ validation service. Getting started couldn't be easier.