Simple, reliable tracking with secure datalogging

The integrity of your science is important whether its in the lab or in transit. Smart-Tracker can help keep you aware of sample status in the lab and on the move.


Thermo Scientific understands the importance of maintaining product integrity, reducing loss and conserving money beyond your facility and created Smart-Tracker data loggers as a reliable and easy-to-use solution for temperature monitoring in equipment and throughout the cold chain.


Smart-Tracker data logger mission-based reporting provides detailed system and payload tracking, while the optional cloud application allows for remote monitoring, fleet analysis and documentation. Smart-Tracker data loggers allow you to program high and low temperature limits and can be an ideal solution for monitoring temperature in packages, refrigerated trucks, laboratories, storage facilities and more.

  • Track temperature wirelessly and control modules via Bluetooth using your smart phone with the Smart-Tracker application
  • Monitor storage facilities, freezers, refrigerators, heating equipment and packages in transit†
  • Share information via the Cloud anywhere in the world
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for use in many types of container and enclosures
  • Internal sensor: -20° to +60°C or -40° to +85°C
  • External PT100 sensor: -200° to +200°C
  • Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details
  • Certified for traceability to NIST, ISO/IEC 17025 (COFRAC) or traceable calibration available.

† Subject to network speed and availability


Simplified cold-chain assurance

Smart-Tracker monitors temperature in storage and transit, logging up to 4,000 readings and does not require dedicated computer equipment or complicated installation.  Simply attach or insert the Smart-Tracker, no other installation required.


Smartphone application

Easy to use iOS and Android smartphone application enables intuitive, simple Smart-Tracker programming and remote monitoring.


Email alerts and notification

Smart Tracker provides datalogging mission status notifications and temperature alerts by email.


Smart-Tracker software is available by PC application, mobile or tablet device.  Alerts are delivered by email throughout the mission, including mission start and stop, readings taken and temperature alarms.  Complete data readings are taken through a Bluetooth connection to your device when in range (up to 164 feet).  Temperature and geographical data can be viewed, exported as PDF or CSV (Excel) or emailed for record keeping.

The Smart-Tracker logs location and temperature readings in a convenient and easy to navigate portal.


Smart-Tracker is a simple and reliable 2” diameter data logging device that measures and logs temperature readings. 

Accessories include spare batteries, colored rings and sensors.


Bluetooth connectivity and cloud enablement

Smart-Trackers connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smart-phone or tablet with the Smart-Tracker app. From the app, you can start or stop datalogging missions, view data and email results.  Optionally, upload the information including geo location provided by the smartphone to the Cloud, where authorized parties can check the latest status as little as a few seconds.