Trusted microarray analysis for uncompromised results

Applied Biosystems microarray instruments provide a fully integrated platform for processing CytoScan arrays for oncology research. Our instruments combine advanced technology with user-friendly features for microarray scanning to help improve throughput and efficiency in your genetic analysis.


Thermo Fisher Scientific offers powerful microarray solutions for oncology research that are powered with robust workflows that make it easy to obtain consistent, reliable, and high-quality results.


Our complete microarray platform, the CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite, includes hybrid-SNP arrays, automated and manual target preparation options, fully kitted reagents, the GeneChip System 3000 instrument for array processing, and Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software for data interpretation and reporting. These tools support laboratories to help maximize operational time.

Product overview

GeneChip System 3000 instrument platform

A fully integrated platform with advanced design and automation to deliver high resolution scanning with minimized hands-on time. 


This comprehensive system includes GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G, GeneChip Fluidics Station 450, GeneChip Hybridization Oven 645, and a powerful computer workstation with instrument control software. 


Key highlights of the GeneChip System 3000 are:  

  • Compact size for better space utilization
  • High-resolution scanning from 0.51–2.5 μm pixelations, automatically selected by array type
  • Optimal image uniformity and collection efficiency across entire scan area with proprietary Flying Objective lens technology
  • No laser drift and reduced scanner-to-scanner variability
  • Automatic adjustment of residual arc correction and x-linearity
  • Compatible with the GeneChip AutoLoader Dx for complete walk-away scanning of up to 48 arrays at a time 

Automated target preparation instruments for microarray analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with Hamilton Robotics to provide you with the latest in ultra-compact and precision-based liquid-handling instrumentation. The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument features high-end manufacturing and exceptional pipetting performance at an affordable price.

Product specifications

GeneChip System 3000


GeneChip Scanner 3000 with AutoLoader: 22.5 x 31 x 44.5 in. (57.2 x 78.7 x 113 cm)

GeneChip Fluidic Station 450: 28 x 16.1 x 15.8 in. (71.1 x 41 x 40.2 cm)


AutoLoader: 105 lb (47.6 kg)

GeneChip Fluidic Station 450: 80 lb (36.3 kg)

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